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Digid is an identity verification software that enables businesses that need their user verification to achieve it faster, efficiently, and safely. The term user refers to and is not limited to customers/patients/students/vendors/employees etc.


This Privacy Policy is to help you understand the use of the information we collect to provide our services on behalf of our clients and build trust in our system. We act on behalf of our customers (clients, businesses, companies, etc who have availed the service of Digid) as their service provider and processor. Digid may update its Privacy Policy from time to time, so we request you to check at your convenience. When we materially change the policy, a notice may be on our website along with the updated Privacy Policy.


By using our products, platform, solutions, or services, You confirm that You have read, understood, and agree with the privacy practices described in this Privacy Policy, the terms of use, and the collection, storage, and processing of your information. For details about the information we collect on our websites and online platforms, including how we use cookies, please see the cookie policy on our website.


Your answers to any questions that Digid asks you for processing your data are optional and without any compulsoriness.

What does Digid do?

Digid verifies the identity, performs other checks associated with an identity, provides authentication services and other related services with the sincerity to protect privacy and the security of identity. Digid’s customers (with whom the end-user is trying to onboard or avail their business services) control the data you submit when interacting with our platform, product, solutions, and services. To understand the usage of your data, please examine the privacy policy of our clients whose business service you wish to avail

Who are involved?

1. Digid’s Customers

Businesses or organizations that have availed of Digid’s services to verify the identity or carry out checks related to that identity.

2. The end-user

The end-users are individuals whose identities need verification from our clients using Digid’s services. We collect the end-user information from our clients or directly from the end-users themselves.

3. Information Providers

When our customers need to perform additional checks about users, they may connect with a suitable agency (governmental or non-governmental) who can provide that data.

What information is collected?

The information we collect from an end-user depends on the checks carried out by our customers or clients (businesses that have availed of Digid’s services). Our clients might have configured Digid to seek images of end-users documents (identity, address, etc), personal information, technical information, contact information, photo or video of their face, signature, and end-user location related information from the device.

What is the data usage?

Based on the nature of your association with the businesses (who are also our customers availed digid’s services to onboard or check your identity) may have a varied level of verification requirements to consider a user’s identity verification to be successful. Our customers may also use other verification services such as known-face match etc., as per their business needs. Digid performs various checks but is not limited to location verification, the correctness of the given documents, face extraction, data extraction from documents, face matching, identity verification, spoof identification, and liveness detection. Digid also uses this data to train our systems, system users, and clients to become more efficient, accurate, and reliable.

Will the data be shared?

Digid ensures to protect the data wherever legally and technically feasible, through contracts on privacy and security safeguards with the recipient of the information. There might be a few scenarios where it may not be possible due to the external authoritarian nature of requests as government and in cases where they do not want to enter into contracts and safeguards. Digid shares information with external parties (including sub-contractors or our affiliates) that perform tasks on our behalf. With other companies, organizations, government bodies, and individuals for any legal reason (for example, in connection with any merger or acquisition or to comply with a court order). Also, whenever there is an ask by our clients or on behalf of our clients to share the information.

Is the data secure?

Digid follows all administrative, physical, technical, and organizational security measures to protect information about users from loss, theft, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. If you have identified a security vulnerability or bug in our product, system, platform, solutions, or services, please report it at

What is the data storage period?

Digid performs services on behalf of our customers for different reasons. Being data controllers, our customers advise us when they no longer need us to store the information we have collected on their behalf. On such requests, we delete the information we have collected about users. Please request the business whose business services you wish to avail and with whom you have provided your data, should you want to delete your data. There might be a few scenarios where there is a legal reason Digid may store information for a longer duration.

What about law enforcement requests?

Digid will have to get its client direction to disclose any information to a government or law enforcement request. We must comply with our legal bindings if there are any. Any government or law enforcement body requesting information related to a specific check may contact us at, and we will seek to put you in contact with the relevant client.


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