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What we do

We innovate for you. With passion, zeal, and commitment.

We leverage our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital transformation to design, build, and deliver bespoke solutions for banking, financial services, and other businesses.

Why choose toCode


Innovation and expertise

Publication of over 35 research papers on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and a product suite embodying out-of-the-box inventiveness that applies the best of modern data technologies.


Global experience

A successful record of international deployments and comprehensive knowledge of regional regulatory environments to fulfill new and challenging demands.


Best-in-class support

Quick and professional support assured from our experts strategically located across three different time zones.



Result-oriented teams, agile by intuition, ethos, and diligent practice. Unwavering focus on delivering what’s committed within timelines, always ready and eager to go the extra mile.

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