Transaction Analyzer

Decide better by discovering insights from transactions

Glean critical insights from bank statements. Compile data from multiple banks and third-party financial organizations for a 3600 view. Employ advanced AI techniques to determine the definitive financial stature of the customer. Generate actionable summaries and standardized reports in minutes.

Handle all types of data

Compile financial information from banks, credit management agencies, and third-party repositories. Use an intelligent OCR engine to accurately extract relevant data from scanned documents.

Dive deeper, perceive better

Compartmentalize data across vital parameters for effective analysis. Explore by drilling down on specific aspects. Derive behavioral patterns, debt-to-income ratio and other critical indicators of creditworthiness.

Get versatile

Convert multiple, lengthy statements into a coherent report for quick understanding. Design custom summaries for your operational needs. Generate CAM reports to comply with corporate norms.

Catch discrepancies on time

Automatically validate the customer’s documents against the data maintained by the authorities. Safeguard yourself from possible losses caused by misrepresentation or misinterpretation.


Quicker processing

Harness the power of data analytics to arrive at quick decisions. Analyze thousands of data points meticulously in an instant.


Accurate results

Factor in every single piece of data in your analysis. Eliminate errors and risks. Substantiate your business calls with AI.


Peer group analytics

Stack up the customer’s data against industry benchmarks and metrics. Evaluate the customer through peer group analysis.


API integration

Induct Transaction Analyzer into your workflow. Integrate with your credit processing system for quick and easy adoption.

Convert customers’ transaction statements into knowledge

Bank statements are much more than an array of transactions with credit and debit values. A deeper examination of documents from multiple sources is required to infer the financial well-being, solvency, and creditworthiness of the customer. With toCode’s Transaction Analyzer, get veritable insights into customer’s financial standing. Use AI-based analytics to arrive at better, safer decisions.

Improve efficiency

Ensure every credit decision offers exceptional value. Interpret financial data more intelligently. Speed up decision-making by eliminating manual scrutiny of documents.

Delight customers

Shorten the turn-around time for credit evaluation. Exceed customers’ expectations with an objective assessment approach. Ensure the growing engagement leads to business benefits.

Decide with confidence

Never allow the thinnest margin of error to topple your reputation. Avoid fraudulent and erroneous transactions to keep your decisions indisputable.

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