Statement Analyzers

Understand customers better through their financial documents

Use advanced analytics to interpret tax documents. Identify key parameters that reflect the customer’s financial status. Evaluate net worth and stature over a period. Enhance your onboarding process with an automated analysis of financial statements along with other relevant documents. Make risk-free credit decisions.

Demystify complex and diverse tax forms

Unearth relevant information from a wide range of tax documents. Automatically identify and categorize transactions for in-depth analysis.

Leverage powerful data technologies

Effortlessly extract key financial data. Automatically consolidate information for multiple years and across documents.

Use a friendly dashboard

Get an at-a-glance view of the processing status and statistics on the easy-to-use dashboard. Prioritize tasks competently.

Manage process end-to-end

Integrate with your current onboarding workflow. Include insights from customer’s tax records in your systematic evaluation.


Data acquisition and OCR

Use the in-built data extraction and advanced OCR tools for flawless data acquisition. Harness AI to accurately identify transaction types and values.


For both SMEs and retail customers

Deploy a single solution for both retail and SME customers. Automatically fetch segment-specific data points for methodical underwriting decisions.


Reliable insights through technology

Use valuable insights picked out by AI. Get a comprehensive overview of the customer’s financial status or zero in on specific facets of interest.


Customize for specific needs

Configure need-based parameters and validation methods. Analyze specific elements of tax documents for deeper insights.

Interpret tax statements with precision. Make better credit decisions

Banks and credit agencies need intelligent tools to glean insights from tax documents. Precise determination of customers’ financial position and creditworthiness eliminates risks and improves the efficiency of credit approval processes. AI technology fits the bill perfectly. toCode’s Tax Insights Analyzer is an innovative solution that employs AI and powerful data analysis techniques to facilitate better lending decisions.


For retail customers, evaluate the sources of income, assets and liabilities, and insurance coverage. For SMEs, examine revenue streams, EBITDA, profit margins, and overheads.


Assess customers individually and against their peers. Cut down on risks with a thorough understanding of the customer’s capability to fulfill payment commitments.

for your

Integrate with existing systems using APIs. Augment your credit provisioning system and conclude better credit assessments in less time.

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