Money Management

Encourage smart money management with a personal financial wellness tool

Inspire your customers to manage money prudently. Our money management solution offers technology-guided advice on customer’s financial health, based on their earning, saving, and spending data. As customers improve their financial well-being, your business benefits from their aspirations and the trust you’ve built.

Data driven engagement

Aggregate customer data from different sources. Identify financial patterns. Encourage planned spending with budgeting and calendaring tools.

Insights from
real-time data

Analyze customer data across a range of parameters. Detect spending, earning, and saving patterns to offer personalized products and services.

Brand marketing made easy

Benefit from a higher brand recall value, driven by active engagement with customers. Promote the bank’s identity and values with your corporate logo.

Designed for customer delight

Encourage customers to take control of their finances with the easy-to-use-app. Keep the engagement alive by offering objective and consistent financial advice.


Inspire your customers

Refine customer’s finance skills. Encourage them to spend and save wisely. Delight them with personalized advice.


Engagement that pays you back

Let the built-in data analytics usher in a better financial future for customers, while it helps you to stay updated on their needs.


Make it completely yours

Augment your digital marketing strategy with a PFM app in your portfolio. Rebrand, add your logo, and customize it for your needs.


Sell what your customer needs

Earn much more from cross-selling opportunities. Promote the best-fit insurance, investment, or mortgage deal based on customer data.

The perfect way to engage with customers: Empower them to create wealth

Businesses need to utilize modern customer engagement tools to derive optimal benefits from the relationship. Personal Finance Management (PFM) apps are an excellent choice as they find easy acceptance and quick adoption. Our PFM solution has been built to meet this need. Its powerful analytics engine employs AI to decipher customer data, with its intricacies encased by a modern and elegant user interface.

Offer customers
an all-in app

Give customers the complete picture—from a quick look at the overall financial status to a detailed view of a particular investment. Show them how they compare with their peers.

Cultivate smart financial skills

Lead customers to a financially secure future through smart planning and spending habits. Guide them with valuable suggestions at every stage of life.

Profit from the engagement

A PFM app that carries your brand goes a long way to bolster customer’s trust. The evolving engagement yields exceptional benefits, both for you and your customers.

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