Financial Health Analyzer

Gather invaluable insights for a rewarding customer engagement

Examine customers’ financial records with unmatched precision. Appraise the critical facets effortlessly. Analyze the profits and losses made over a period. Discern the true significance of the figures in the Balance Sheet and tax documents. Estimate the growth potential, credit appetite, and repayment capability. Generate pre-built reports for CAM endorsement. Make decision-making faster and efficient by integrating with current credit evaluation systems.

Comprehend diverse data

Fetch live data from registrars and multiple repositories. Extract information from scanned documents with advanced OCR. Automatically sort and group details for expedited analysis.

Convert raw data into insights

Don’t be overawed by the complexity or quantity of documents. Let AI and Machine Learning do the heavy lifting. Compile actionable information with the purpose-built data analytics engine.

Reports for every need

Use the pre-designed reports or create your own templates and summaries. Generate CAM reports in the required format. Get new perspectives by dissecting and correlating data in multiple ways.

Gamification for easier analysis

Combine and isolate factors to view their effects on the financial status. Assess creditworthiness by simulating a variety of conditions and variations of key parameters.

Complement your processes

Manage the underwriting workflow competently. Infuse reliability and efficiency into decision-making. Integrate with the existing process for a seamless data exchange across systems.


Evaluate better with genuine insights

Learn the customer’s revenues, growth, and liabilities. Compare with industry benchmarks and peers for an objective analysis.


Take every factor into account

Leave nothing to imagination or guesswork. Include all relevant factors from multiple data sources for effective evaluation.


Generate CAM and custom reports

Be ready with reports for CAM or other executive needs. Generate versatile reports that inspire faster decision-making.


Customize for your need

Fine-tune the solution to meet your requirements. Incorporate the required workflow by replicating the current approval processes.

Determine customers’ true financial health. Empower flawless decisions

A comprehensive analysis of the customer’s financial background is imperative to make the right lending decisions. The need to compile and correlate data points from multiple documents poses a complex challenge. Banks and financial institutions need to invest in an innovative solution to revolutionize their underwriting practice. Financial Health Analyzer from toCode has been designed to make the process easy and efficient.

Unearth insights hidden in data

Identify key pointers to quantify the robustness of the customer’s true financial health. Whether you’re onboarding a new customer or servicing an existing one, make inspired and assured decisions.

Enhance underwriting efficiency

Minimize risks, shorten processing time, and optimize resources. Every judicious credit decision leads your company firmly on the path to higher profitability and a larger market share.

Pursue upselling and cross-selling opportunities

With a deeper understanding of the customer’s financial position, promote best-fit products with confidence. Innovate to create services for specific market needs or industry segments

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