Customer Onboarding

Comprehensive, digital onboarding solution for banks and financial companies

Start customer relationships on the right note. With toCode's Onboarding solution, eliminate lengthy forms and cumbersome document processing tasks. Enable customers to sign up for your banking and financial services anytime from anywhere.

Forms made simple

Let the AI-powered OCR engine capture details accurately. Minimize the drop-out rate by getting forms filled-in automatically. Maintain digital records.

Secure by

Prevent impersonation with a neural network-powered facial recognition engine. Deploy multi-factor authentication for an additional layer of protection.

Flexible and scalable

Choose cloud-based or on-premise deployment to fit in with your IT policy. The scalable architecture keeps you prepared to meet growing needs.

Customizable workflows

Build and tweak the required process flows with the integrated workflow tool. Define user levels and privileges for managing and controlling tasks.


Customize the solution to conform to local regulatory requirements, such as AML/CTF, FATCA, CRS, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID II, and more.


Save time

Onboard a customer in minutes, not days. Automate the extraction and processing of KYC details to save time—yours and the customer’s.


Improve the process

Turn the sign-up exercise into an enjoyable experience for customers. No lengthy forms to fill, no document to photocopy or print.



Make the onboarding process efficient, secure, and robust. Let AI, Machine Learning, and advanced technologies do the hard work for you.



Incorporate your tried-and-tested workflow. Customize for the specific needs of your organization, industry, or the regulatory environment.

Onboarding is the first step in customer engagement. Let’s help you do it right.

Customers expect an intuitive, quick, and trouble-free sign-up process. Lengthy forms, complex paperwork, and processing delays do not serve the cause of a rewarding customer relationship. Now, you can transform your onboarding system with the power of AI and Machine Learning. Customers relish the experience, inspiring them to nurture the engagement. Enhanced efficiency in your operations gets translated into tangible business benefits for your organization.


Allow customers to sign up for a service, open an account, or update KYC details, 24x7x365, from the comfort of their homes.

Ensure KYC validation and compliance

Compile, correlate, and validate documents in real-time. Securely store and access customer data. Be compliant with current KYC norms.


Delight customers with an efficient onboarding and servicing process. Streamline workflows and ensure sustained business growth.

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