Credit Assessment

Instill confidence into credit decisions with Machine Learning

Incorporate a modern approach in your credit validation process. Let our solution guide you with critical insights on the creditworthiness of prospects, guarding you against potential pitfalls. Use advanced data analytics and intelligent algorithms to make your underwriting process risk-free and efficient.

Ignore no bit of data

Correlate thousands of data points to validate the customer’s financial background and history. Identify specific earning and spending patterns for a meticulous assessment.

Tech-driven strategies

Credit Analyzer uses Machine Learning to build credit decision algorithms. Examine customer data across various parameters for logically validated, fail-proof conclusions.

Augment your processes

Use the in-built workflow tool to streamline and complement credit validation processes. Customize for specific needs. Use the lean, API-only model for quick deployment.

Fast and risk-free decisions

Accelerate decision making. Eliminate tiresome, time-consuming work. Ditch multiple spreadsheets and manual number-crunching. Process more applications in fewer man-hours.

Engagement that rewards

Delight customers with quick credit approval and hassle-free onboarding processes. Benefit from the fulfilling experience. Drive profitable cross-selling deals by scoring right the first time.


Achieve higher efficiency

Make every process in the underwriting exercise impeccable. Drive up efficiency with fewer manual resources and efforts.


Improve market share

Transform the credit processing operation to propel your bank ahead. Multiply your market share with faster and better lending practices.


Customize to bank’s needs

Integrate Credit Analyzer into your bank’s operational processes. Build and modify workflows for quicker and seamless adoption.


Comply with regulations

Configure rules and processes to confirm to regulations and standard practices. Incorporate relevant data management and reporting tools.

Lending decisions, endorsed by powerful data technologies

Banks and underwriters need to enhance operational efficiency to benefit from their lending business. Underwriting involves the scrutiny of numerous, diverse, and lengthy documents. The processes, in practice, may be inefficient and error-prone. Credit Analyzer is a Machine Learning-based tool that facilitates fail-safe, quick, reliable, and profitable credit decisions.


Ensure your lending decisions are free of risks. Evaluate various factors that accurately indicate customers’ credit needs and repayment capability.


Firmly establish your bank as a reliable and responsive lender who is easy to deal with. Grow your credit business with confidence while improving profit margins.

Step up
and win

Improve the efficiency of credit approval processes. Cut down on unproductive and cumbersome manual work. Focus on tasks that are more fulfilling and rewarding.

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