Digital Lending – Are you on board?

The business of money has come a long way. As an example, the home loan industry has grown from the 3-6-3 business model (borrow money at 3%, lend money at 6% and arrive at the golf course at 3 PM) to the 3-1-0¹ model (apply for loan in 3 minutes, get the money in 1 … Continued

Is investing in technology during a crisis judicious?

Lives across the world have been disrupted by the crisis caused by COVID-19. Businesses continue to grapple with unprecedented operational and economic challenges, tending to focus on sustenance rather than growth. This has necessitated a rejig of strategies and realignment of priorities. In practice, this means a reduction of expenses, both capital and operational. Expansion … Continued

Common misconceptions about AI

There has been so much buzz about Artificial Intelligence in recent times. The term Artificial Intelligence is quite old though, coined in 1956 by John McCarthy, the American computer scientist. AI has had a checkered history. It remained confined to labs and the occasional demonstration of a computer that could beat humans in games. Things … Continued

Why do banks need to offer personal finance management tools?

As banks increasingly look for ways to grow their market share, there are several ideas to consider. Among them is an approach that envisages empowering customers with a money management tool. Being in control of personal finances requires methodical planning and consistent efforts. It is a fact that few people are naturally endowed with the … Continued

Is artificial intelligence poised to disrupt your industry?

The term “artificial intelligence” (AI)-referring to the use of computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human understanding—has been around for nearly 60 years. But it is only recently that AI appears on the brink of revolutionizing industries as diverse as health care, law, journalism, aerospace, and manufacturing, with the potential to profoundly affect … Continued

Machine Learning – The new language of leadership

It is easy to get caught up in the hype of artificial intelligence (AI), as the promise of this relatively new technology has been credited with saving everything from our health to our work life and even our planet. Realistically speaking, however, in many ways, we are still a long way off from achieving these … Continued

The future of banking & financial services

It is clear that the digital revolution in financial services is under way, but the impact on current banking players is not as well defined. Digital disruption has the potential to shrink the role and relevance of today’s banks, and simultaneously help them create better, faster, cheaper services that make them an even more essential … Continued

Why Banks should be embracing AI

Artificial Intelligence in Banking plays an important role. With Fintechs and other challengers threatening to pick off the most profitable parts of Corporate Banking such as international money transfers and the provision of FX services, never has there been a more important time for banks to invest in fundamentally improving the ways that they serve … Continued