AI is heralding the age of digital transformation. The disruptive technology inspires insightful decisions that enhance the operational efficiency of businesses. Powerful algorithms are available today for a categorical analysis of data, hitherto considered an impossibility. With Machine Learning, Neural network, and Deep Learning functions, the AI ecosystem has assumed cognitive computing capabilities, unveiling immense prospects for businesses. A well-designed AI solution promotes the way for smarter workflows and higher profitability.

Our AI Capabilities

Data refinement

Aggregation of data from diverse sources. Intelligent acquisition of the essential data points and compilation into logical sets. Preparation of data for Machine Learning processes through cross-correlation and suitable classification.

Data mining

Custom-built mathematical algorithms to extract intelligence from raw data. Identification of significant patterns and interdependencies, for in-depth understanding of your business.


Computation of key operational metrics through advanced statistical tools and regression models. AI-driven interpolation and extrapolation to derive business-critical parameters such as revenue growth and customers’ product preferences.

Purpose-built bots

Customized bots that use cutting-edge NLP techniques to fulfill business-specific needs—chatbots for customer interactions, bots that enhance process efficiency, or bots that facilitate automation of semi-manual or manual processes.

Computer vision

Neural network-powered facial recognition tool that facilitates secure user authentication for onboarding and servicing of customers. Analysis of video streams with the power of AI to determine process improvement possibilities.

Custom analytics

Extensive analysis of data with cutting-edge AI algorithms. Creation of appropriate statistical models. Application of powerful regression techniques and mathematical modeling for insightful business decisions.


Fintech Enterprises

toCode’s AI solution enables a major Canadian fintech company to enhance operational efficiency. The front-end tool helps the extraction of actionable intelligence from customer data and trade reports.



The world leader in Green Building certification uses toCode’s AI engine for rating analysis. The solution offers improved efficiency with its predictive capabilities powered by Machine Learning.



toCode’s innovative video analytics solution uses computer vision to validate students’ attendance in schools. It also allows intelligent tracking of school buses to ensure the safety of children.

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